Mar 23, 2010


As the vision grows in the hearts and minds of all our partners, there is need for us to support their various involvements in the region. In this report, I will share with you my trip to Tanzania and partly Kenya which was intended to support Peter’s and friends’ networks at AYLF in Eastern African. There is need to support Core groups to grow in other cities other than Dar-es-Salaam ~ and for starters the focus is on Arusha, and also support small group initiatives of our friends in universities in the region.

While in Arusha on the 26th, we met with our friend Matthias~ working with Compassion International. He had started a small group in 2008-2009. It hasn’t been meeting for sometime now, but we are eager to support his initiatives of reviving it. We hope that this core group will support this other campus groups in Arusha ~ at Tumaini University where we have friends. There other friends who are working with Cornerstone Development~real core partner in this vision in Arusha. We hope together we can make a support team for each other in this city.

Dodoma University.
We travelled to Dodoma, the administrative and Capital city of Tanzania. We have made friends at Dodoma University ~ Zak Lukumayo and Evelyn Rutazaha. Evelyn attended our October 2009 Gathering in Kampala and Zak has been a holiday friend to the Cornerstone Youth Mentoring house in Dar-es-Salaam. It was a pleasure for Peter and I visit them. We held meetings with groups of student with whom we shared the AYLF vision and philosophy. So, it’s a pleasure for us to support their steps to start a small group in Dodoma University.

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kampala small group

kampala small group
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