Mar 23, 2010


I was up here for a couple of days. It is always a pleasure to connect with our friends in Kenya. The AYLF family has shown greater signs of growth and commitment to the vision. You feel the relationships meaningfully amongst the friends here. The core group meets every Saturday.

However, this time in the meeting I attended they was discussion to develop another meeting for those who off campus meanwhile empowering the Nairobi University campus ~ Box group as its known there to grow and attract more members other than the old members. This has comes as a new strategy to develop and mentor more coordinators and reaching out to on present on campus student leaders. Together with Gabriel, Opati, Jennifer and I meet the proposed friends to spearhead the Box group to keep meeting. This will still be under the watchful eye of the core group.

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kampala small group

kampala small group
At Allan's and Josephats home