Mar 23, 2010

Iringa~Tumaini University
This is a city in the South Eastern part of TZ. Peter and I travel there to connect with Leah R. Mlay. Leah attended the 2009 October AYLF Gathering. She attended university at Tumaini University in Iringa. She has been retained as a tutor. Her close relationship with administrators was a huge opportunity. Through her we were able to meet university administrators and a full student leaders’ guild team. Peter and I spoke to the student leaders in a group. We further had discussions with small groups of students. It was a wonderful experience for Peter and I. We were able to realize how some of the friends we are making are more than willing to do something with this vision. Mean while, we met students from Zimbabwe who expressed interest in connecting with this vision to see it happens in their country.

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kampala small group

kampala small group
At Allan's and Josephats home