Sep 9, 2009



Dates: 6TH - 8TH

Theme: “The role of Faith, Values and Character in the formation of Leaders”


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Phillip said...

Mohamed, Gabriel and myself traveled to the UK for the European gathering in which we very well represented all of you (without seeking consent). Now we thought it great to present a little report as a way to share the things we learnt – we know that there was so much but we hope you will take the time to read them and ask us some questions if you can.

Secondly, we have some books available for you all to borrow. These were books wrote by some of the guest they are only one copy each. We also have two music CDs from the guest musician at the gathering – it is a shame we could not do more because of the costs involved. There are already photos on facebook for your viewing pleasure.

Finally note that the gathering had about 60 people from about 20 countries from around the world and African was represented but Uganda, Kenya and Liberia. It was held conveniently a few minutes out of London in a convenient and great location.

MISSION, PURPOSE AND HOST: The gathering was hosted on behalf of members of both the European and British Parliament Notable among them was Alister Burt and Lars Rise. The mission was to enable a future generation of leaders to embrace life giving values to equip them to
transform their nations though renewed minds and hearts and build meaningful relationships. So the nature of the gathering was indeed very informal and informative.

Friday 5 2009 was the arrival day. We had just a few people give their introductory thoughts and share about their faith and work. Among these Alister Burt MP shared his introductory remarks. The highlight was how this movement is routed in small group meetings in the parliament. He also highlighted the purpose and mission of the gathering.

We were then blessed by LYNN GREEN founder and Chairman of Youth With A Mission extensively travelled, read and aware if the leadership challenge today. His sharing was on Faith based approach to leadership. The central story he uses for his sharing was the life of Daniel a slave boy leaving in a very difficult time raising up to such passion of prominence with integrity and humility. The question was “can we see God’s hands in our darkest hour”

Then MARK GREENE Shared on communication. From his sharing I gathered many things but among them was to know that “The way you say something is part of what you are say” It is important for all of us who aspire of to be leaders – we are making available slides from the sharing and please feel free to discuss these with any of us.

Other guest speakers include Byron and Kamal – who first made sure every one understood they are involved in both business and Ministry then went on to share about ethics and business. Anthony Cordle was great in sharing his experiences.

All this in our hope left us commissioned and encouraged to get more involved.

Phillip (Gabriel and Mohamed)

kampala small group

kampala small group
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