Jul 9, 2010


Students'and Youth leaders from the East Africa region and beyond pose for a picture at the gathering in Limuru, Nairobi.

May 4, 2010

Gathering Program

(Connect, mentor and lead – John 15:1-)
(May, 26th – 28th 2010)


12:00 AM Introductions, introduction of Small groups, House Keeping, Sharing on the vision and purpose of the retreat general expectations management, Participants expectations etc

Mr. Edakasi Alfred – Introduction of the theme, why this theme at such a time, official formal expectation of the time of the retreat, Programs etc.

The purpose of this session is to create and manage expectations group and individual time for the retreat. So it is important for the person sharing to be informed about the vision and also passionate in his/her way of communicating this to the group so we all move in the same direction.

1:00 AM Lunch

2:15 PM Vision/Purpose and Methods of African Youth Leadership Forum, the family of friends documents – Tim Kreutter

The purpose of this is to put everyone on the same footing since we have a few new people adding to the group. So an understanding of the philosophy, methods and vision of the group is important. Primarily I believe that going through the 8 points deducted from our family of friends document is important.

3:15 PM Break Tea (15 Mins)

3:30 PM OUR ROLE IN EXORCISING THE GHOST OF ETHNICITY SHORT ~ Presentation Mr. Mohamed Fazul (30 Mins)

Discussion on the presentation – Dr. P. L. O Lumumba (The Lumumba Foundation)

Purpose of this is to reflect on some of the issues that is currently affecting our generation – and to create a greater awareness of what we can do as a way to respond to such a need. In we will therefore listen to these speakers and try to enlarge our world view to capture this.

5:00 PM Games and Free time

6:00 PM Dinner

8:00 PM Harriet and Kim:

A light session to engage young people on some issues around a relationship (Boy/Girl) so we would like a couple or two free to talk about their relationship and share with the group

10:00 PM Night - Night to everyone since we have an early morning and a full day ahead.




12:30 – 2:00 LUNCHEON and meeting with student leaders

Pre lunch sharing on
1. Personal Testimonies of your faith and work with Jesus
2. Source of your inspiration for the work of God in Politics and Society

Mr. Joe Mucheru (CEO, East Africa Google) - Kenya
Prof. Magerat Kamar MP Kenya
Mrs. Aida Odinga
Mr. Gad Gasatura (Former CA Delegate and MP, Board Chairman Civil Aviation Authority, Consultant, Businessman) - Uganda

3:00 – 5:00 PM Planned Games and reflective time for groups and individuals

7:00 – 8:00 PM Dinner

8:30 PM Celebration and Fun Night and groups Fun Time



7:00 – 8:45 AM Breakfast
The importance of groups in Personal Character Formation – Mr. Anthony Cordle (England/South Africa) and Lars and Tone Baller (Norway)

10:30 AM Break Tea

11:00 – 1:00 PM Closing remarks/Reflective thoughts Sam Owen and Tim Kreutter

~For Posterity we serve~



On behalf of the hosting members of the Kenya National Prayer Breakfast Committee and Africa Youth Leadership Forum Kenya, I would like to inform you of 2010 gathering from May 26th-28th, 2010 in Nairobi, Kenya. Invitation letters have been sent to participants selected to attend this gathering. The gathering will be held at the Jumuia Conference Centre and Home, Limuru. The event is part of the activities preceding the National Prayer Breakfast event.

The Africa Youth Leadership Forum was launched in 2007as part of the National Prayer Breakfast. In the last years we have continued to organize gatherings of this type in Nairobi and Kampala along the National prayer Breakfast activities in those countries with a focus on motivating the young people in leadership to focus on the role of faith, values and character in their dispensation.

The theme of the gathering this year is “Connect, Mentor and Lead”.

This forum is an opportunity for Young Leaders from Universities & after University within the East African region, and beyond to discuss principles based on the leadership examples of Jesus.

These young leaders come from various political, ethnic and religious backgrounds but by focusing on the principles, precepts and person of Jesus – we seek to create a common ground for discussing fundamental issues relating to leadership and unity despite our religious, ethnic and political differences.

The participants in this year’s event will be around 80-100 Student/Youth Leaders from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Ethiopia, South Africa among others. Also present at the gathering and Prayer Breakfast will be Senior and Older leaders, members of parliament and other invited as guests.

For posterity we serve.

The AYLF Team

Africa Youth Leadership Forum
P.O BOX 9242, Kampala
+256774201850, +254721551726,
+255712480426, +250785025231,
+257 79206008.

Apr 26, 2010

Kampala Internationl University

A dialogue meeting with student leaders at Kampala International University. Andrew Wanzonele coordinates this group. He has done a good Job. This group is most interesting for me. It brings us intouch with muslim student from countries like Somalia and Eritea even from here in East Africa. Its so interesting to know some of their cultural beliefs and stories.

Apr 20, 2010


Josephats and Ruth got married, both were & are members of AYLF~ Kampala, Uganda. It was the first couple we had in our movement where members have married from within. We wish them a fruitful life together.

Apr 19, 2010

A small group dialogue meeting

Small group meeting ~ Makerere University.

Andrew take student leaders through a discussion. He is a former student leader at Makerere University. He is a commited member of the Kampala Core group.

Apr 14, 2010

Cyon witht the Ladies, AYLF Famiy of friends~ Kenya

Cyon with the ladies( Jenny, Mercy &others) at the dinner in December in 2009, Nairobi.

AYLF Kenya Dinner 2009

Sam Owen~in the extreem right background, with the AYLF family of friends at a dinner in December, 2009, in Nairobi

Apr 12, 2010

Law School Small Group

Alfred and Linda at Law school~ Kampala Uganda have lunch with a small group. We try to support our friends in different insttitution by starting small support group to enhance relationships we have created over the years.

A small group dialogue meeting

Student leaders at Kyambogo University in a small group sharing the principle of leadership~our focus at AYLF.

Apr 7, 2010

At University of Dodoma

Zak is our friend at UDOM, him and Eva are doing at good job in spearheading the vision.

At United States International University~ Kenya

Visiting friends has connected us and strengthened our friendships.

At Nairobi University ~ Box Group

Our vision has significantly seen success wherever it has set foot. Thank you the Box small group for your efforts.

Mar 23, 2010

In the meantime, the friends here are already planning the May Gathering. Details will be following in as we progress

It’s amazing to know how the vision is growing in the hearts and minds of friends in the region. It’s our own working or efforts. Sometimes it can be frustrating because one can’t lay hands practically on what is happening invisibly. But God Himself is working things in amazing way. We keep the faith and hoping to see God use each one of us to make the difference in the Jesus Way wherever you.
Report by Allan Shepherd,
Associate Regional coordinator


I was up here for a couple of days. It is always a pleasure to connect with our friends in Kenya. The AYLF family has shown greater signs of growth and commitment to the vision. You feel the relationships meaningfully amongst the friends here. The core group meets every Saturday.

However, this time in the meeting I attended they was discussion to develop another meeting for those who off campus meanwhile empowering the Nairobi University campus ~ Box group as its known there to grow and attract more members other than the old members. This has comes as a new strategy to develop and mentor more coordinators and reaching out to on present on campus student leaders. Together with Gabriel, Opati, Jennifer and I meet the proposed friends to spearhead the Box group to keep meeting. This will still be under the watchful eye of the core group.

It was my second time in Dar to consolidate the core group and campus initiatives here. The core group has grown to be able to stand and support a prayer breakfast meeting initiatives Peter and the friends are conducting every two weeks at Medittereneo Hotel. It was also good to do a follow up on Linda Simon Paulo, Jennifer Charles and Victor. Linda and Jennifer also attended the 2009 October gathering in Kampala. Victor is our Kenyan friend down in Dar. Being the guys at the youth mentoring home for Cornerstone Development was wonderful too. The guys will be in the home which is in the new location until up to May when they finish University. Sooner than later the home is shifting to Arusha. The guys told me that they will miss the family atmosphere the home has always provided. However, I encouraged them to think of renting together (staying together) as away of saving cost, and supporting each other.

Iringa~Tumaini University
This is a city in the South Eastern part of TZ. Peter and I travel there to connect with Leah R. Mlay. Leah attended the 2009 October AYLF Gathering. She attended university at Tumaini University in Iringa. She has been retained as a tutor. Her close relationship with administrators was a huge opportunity. Through her we were able to meet university administrators and a full student leaders’ guild team. Peter and I spoke to the student leaders in a group. We further had discussions with small groups of students. It was a wonderful experience for Peter and I. We were able to realize how some of the friends we are making are more than willing to do something with this vision. Mean while, we met students from Zimbabwe who expressed interest in connecting with this vision to see it happens in their country.


As the vision grows in the hearts and minds of all our partners, there is need for us to support their various involvements in the region. In this report, I will share with you my trip to Tanzania and partly Kenya which was intended to support Peter’s and friends’ networks at AYLF in Eastern African. There is need to support Core groups to grow in other cities other than Dar-es-Salaam ~ and for starters the focus is on Arusha, and also support small group initiatives of our friends in universities in the region.

While in Arusha on the 26th, we met with our friend Matthias~ working with Compassion International. He had started a small group in 2008-2009. It hasn’t been meeting for sometime now, but we are eager to support his initiatives of reviving it. We hope that this core group will support this other campus groups in Arusha ~ at Tumaini University where we have friends. There other friends who are working with Cornerstone Development~real core partner in this vision in Arusha. We hope together we can make a support team for each other in this city.

Dodoma University.
We travelled to Dodoma, the administrative and Capital city of Tanzania. We have made friends at Dodoma University ~ Zak Lukumayo and Evelyn Rutazaha. Evelyn attended our October 2009 Gathering in Kampala and Zak has been a holiday friend to the Cornerstone Youth Mentoring house in Dar-es-Salaam. It was a pleasure for Peter and I visit them. We held meetings with groups of student with whom we shared the AYLF vision and philosophy. So, it’s a pleasure for us to support their steps to start a small group in Dodoma University.

Sep 9, 2009



Dates: 6TH - 8TH

Theme: “The role of Faith, Values and Character in the formation of Leaders”


Aug 7, 2009

July updates-2009

Dear Friends!
Greetings to you all. Well done on all you do each day.
I hope that you are keeping on -keeping on. I should say that it’s been good here too. Our prayer Breakfast meetings have been an encouragement to us all. Keeping us together and you showing your commitment and love for each other. All those that have been coming, we thank you and you-friend who has missed same these, we encourage you to remember that every first Saturday of the month, we meet from 7:00am-9:45am in Kampala, the venue is always communicated. We are praying for a permanent venue to maintain consistence in this regard. I know that the days are close for our friends who had gone on vacation to be back to school. We have missed you very much. We are looking forward to seeing you soon. I want to thank all the Kampala friends for their continued support, friendship, love and commitment.

Last month from 23rd-26th, Cornerstone Development Africa-our friends and partners- organized a workshop on youth mentoring. We had an opportunity to participate. We had our currently active partners from Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda and our future prospective partners from DRC and Southern Sudan. There were a series of activities-presentations, community work out in the slum-Kibuli, games, a dinner and dancing too. I recognized that at that dinner we had nine countries with different tribes, races, colors, languages and religious grounds all there hosted at Tim Kreutter's house. I saw that it maybe difficult for such a thing to happen but only if you let JESUS be the unifying figure. It's exciting to hear how each of these friends see the vision growing steadily, strongly and deeply. You can see the passion for this vision them. At this dinner, Brother Peter from TZ, revealed his wedding plans for October -yet to confirm dates and Brother Bernard from Burundi has the same intentions too before this year ends.

At this meeting, we saw the need for a young adults mentoring house in Nairobi Kenya. A young adult mentoring house is house where young men or women choose to live and share their lives together in process influencing each other. Sometimes there is a big brother or sister figure to provide direction. So, Brother Gabriel feels that it could give this vision a different dynamic in Kenya. I also observed that in Uganda, we don't a young adults mentoring house. Yet this idea has been on heart for a long time. We have shared and are praying with friends for these possibilities in the future.

The preparations for the October Kampala gathering 2009 are in high gear. We hope this event will be a great experience for us all. Plan to be there from the 6th-8th. Invitations and more details are on the way.

After the October Kampala Gathering, we plan to take part in the Mt Kenya camp. I encourage you not to miss any of these upcoming events.

God bless you all.

Your friend,
Allan Shepherd

Jun 30, 2009

Kalule Flavia's on the 7th Kenya National Prayer Breakfast.


‘The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level
Of thinking we were at when we created them.’
Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

This is the solely significant reason that promptly saw hundreds of the world’s intellectuals gallantly converged at the prestigious Safari Park Hotel and Casino in Nairobi to change. December 2007 dealt our brothers, the Kenyans, a huge blow, the wrath of God, or rather, of human beings, poured outright the greatest of human follies; ‘Intolerance’ and thus obnoxiously obscuring any rational thinking that man was preloaded with in the beginning of the world.

Amidst a sumptuous breakfast and a lovely weather, beautiful and magnificent words were displayed as, together, with Kenya’s elite Parliamentarians, contemplated and deliberated on how to pick up the remains of Kenya during the 2007 Presidential Elections that resulted into lots of bloodshed due to the intolerance on the part of the Kikuyu and the Luo tribesmen.

A certain saying states that,

‘What gives life to people is hope,
While what kills them is despair.’

Due to the desperation that engulfs several of the world’s learned countrymen, people lose their lives, economies tumble down and relationships are disintegrated. The Chief Guest for the day , His Excellency, Paul Kagame of the Republic of Rwanda , in his words, advised Kenyans to get past the differences they harbor and work towards building their country back to prosperity dwelling on the Rwandan experience where genocide limitlessly destroyed them. He further emphasized the fact that ‘Kenya cannot afford to fail’ since it is a strong nation. With that in mind, Fethullah Gulen’s words, a religious leader from Turkey, one of the world’s top 20 intellectuals, come to life;

‘Be so tolerant that your heart becomes wide like the ocean.
Become inspired with faith and love for others.’

Conclusively,the progressed with various talks, interactions and self assessment discussions all heading towards the revival of the dignity, authority and strong brotherliness of Kenya and at a different level of thinking this time round.


Jun 23, 2009


There are those times when you seat back not to relax but to ask yourself questions on what you are seeing, doing and believing. Very often do most of us get answers to these questions right away? This is because from the invisible side of the look of things, its only faith that we have that can make us wait to see the answers to the questions we keep asking ourselves.

I have for now been in such a position as I continue to understand the vision of AYLF. My faith grows in this vision grows each other day as I see it unfold. Over the last couple of months I we have seen ourselves grow to the meaning of most notably- reconciling meaningful relationships, which is our keep objective at AYLF. From the many events we have had of recent, we have seen the same friends we have had since 2007 come again and again and of course new ones too.. This can be seen in our local prayer breakfast meetings-Uganda and Kenya friends have showed us the example on this. At the same time, at international prayer breakfast meetings mostly in Nairobi and Kampala. Here we can’t forget our great friends from Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi who are showing a lot of developments in this regards. This show s how committed they are and their gradual eternalizing of this vision.

In Uganda, we have bee able to involve AYLF in a number of activities. In May, we were invited to participate in the guild leadership orientation of Uganda Christian University Mukono. And early June, we did a one day young leaders training workshop on the theme, “Leadership as a way of life” for UCU Mukono. It’s important to interact with young leaders at this level, which UCU has done by opening for us every door of opportunity. We have also been able to partner with Ms Uganda-a Danish NGO promoting Democracy in Uganda in trainings at UCU.. We thank them and we want more. And surely UCU has been our success story this time this year in Uganda on how actively we can partner with University administrations and student leadership organs. Thanks to our team there.
On 28th, May, we attended the 7th Kenya National Prayer Breakfast. We were twenty internationals from Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Burundi, South Africa and USA. Plus the Kenyan friends. It was a great time to catch-up on relationships we have made over the years and also introducing new friends to this family. We can proudly say, “It’s working and catching fire slowly but surely”.

Between 18th and 22nd, Allan and Eric travelled top Rwanda and Burundi. This is in the process of strengthening our growing relationships in these two countries which are showing great potential on all fronts including the AYLF Vision and family of friends. Allan met with Sam Birondwa who is organizing a student’s conference-VISION CONFERENCE in Kigali. It is scheduled for November 16th -22nd, 2009. We looking forward to this and you too can choose to be part of it.

Bernard in Burundi also organized a breakfast meeting with friends-Frank, Chris, Sebastian and others. It was a wonderful time. William Kinunu has finished his University studies from Gulu University and gone back to Rwanda his country of decent. He will be supporting the team in Rwanda and Burundi as we see this vision grow. We are praying and encouraging them.

We continue to await for great news from Peter and the team in Tanzania sooner. They have promised too. We have also received information from the Kenyan team about a camp-climbing Mountain Kenya. It’s set for September. We will feed you with updates as they come in on this event.

And the Kampala Gathering is in Ocober6th-8th tentatively. Let’s watch the space with prayers. Love to you all. Report by Allan

May 29, 2009

Kenya National Prayer Breakfast

It was a great time. Thanks to the Kenyan friends for the great job down. Those who have shown commitement to our relationship, thank you indeed. Those friends who have started the relationship, we dearly welcom you.

Now purpose to added the Kampala events in october.

Mar 10, 2009

Welcome to the AYLF blog !

In efforts to keep ALYF members and friends connected, we introduce to you the AYLF blog where you can view info and news on past and future AYLF events in order to stay connected with our friends around Africa and worldwide.

kampala small group

kampala small group
At Allan's and Josephats home