Jun 23, 2009


There are those times when you seat back not to relax but to ask yourself questions on what you are seeing, doing and believing. Very often do most of us get answers to these questions right away? This is because from the invisible side of the look of things, its only faith that we have that can make us wait to see the answers to the questions we keep asking ourselves.

I have for now been in such a position as I continue to understand the vision of AYLF. My faith grows in this vision grows each other day as I see it unfold. Over the last couple of months I we have seen ourselves grow to the meaning of most notably- reconciling meaningful relationships, which is our keep objective at AYLF. From the many events we have had of recent, we have seen the same friends we have had since 2007 come again and again and of course new ones too.. This can be seen in our local prayer breakfast meetings-Uganda and Kenya friends have showed us the example on this. At the same time, at international prayer breakfast meetings mostly in Nairobi and Kampala. Here we can’t forget our great friends from Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi who are showing a lot of developments in this regards. This show s how committed they are and their gradual eternalizing of this vision.

In Uganda, we have bee able to involve AYLF in a number of activities. In May, we were invited to participate in the guild leadership orientation of Uganda Christian University Mukono. And early June, we did a one day young leaders training workshop on the theme, “Leadership as a way of life” for UCU Mukono. It’s important to interact with young leaders at this level, which UCU has done by opening for us every door of opportunity. We have also been able to partner with Ms Uganda-a Danish NGO promoting Democracy in Uganda in trainings at UCU.. We thank them and we want more. And surely UCU has been our success story this time this year in Uganda on how actively we can partner with University administrations and student leadership organs. Thanks to our team there.
On 28th, May, we attended the 7th Kenya National Prayer Breakfast. We were twenty internationals from Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Burundi, South Africa and USA. Plus the Kenyan friends. It was a great time to catch-up on relationships we have made over the years and also introducing new friends to this family. We can proudly say, “It’s working and catching fire slowly but surely”.

Between 18th and 22nd, Allan and Eric travelled top Rwanda and Burundi. This is in the process of strengthening our growing relationships in these two countries which are showing great potential on all fronts including the AYLF Vision and family of friends. Allan met with Sam Birondwa who is organizing a student’s conference-VISION CONFERENCE in Kigali. It is scheduled for November 16th -22nd, 2009. We looking forward to this and you too can choose to be part of it.

Bernard in Burundi also organized a breakfast meeting with friends-Frank, Chris, Sebastian and others. It was a wonderful time. William Kinunu has finished his University studies from Gulu University and gone back to Rwanda his country of decent. He will be supporting the team in Rwanda and Burundi as we see this vision grow. We are praying and encouraging them.

We continue to await for great news from Peter and the team in Tanzania sooner. They have promised too. We have also received information from the Kenyan team about a camp-climbing Mountain Kenya. It’s set for September. We will feed you with updates as they come in on this event.

And the Kampala Gathering is in Ocober6th-8th tentatively. Let’s watch the space with prayers. Love to you all. Report by Allan

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kampala small group

kampala small group
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