May 29, 2009

Kenya National Prayer Breakfast

It was a great time. Thanks to the Kenyan friends for the great job down. Those who have shown commitement to our relationship, thank you indeed. Those friends who have started the relationship, we dearly welcom you.

Now purpose to added the Kampala events in october.


Africa Youth Leadership Forum said...

I think it was grate being in Nairobi and getting to meet new people over there. I am still internalizing the president Mr. paul Kagame. I thought he gave me new perspective to leadership. regardless whether he will live up to it. but for me, his words had live and we could learn a lot from them.
we could discuss more about his message in the blog

Africa Youth Leadership Forum said...

Guys, I think I loved it in Nairobi. Meeting new friends and listing to great man and women was for me grate experience. thanks to all the friends who made this possible. the experiences I got from the breakfast and the Forum made me more accomplished. every day it seems am learning new things in leadership from the experiences of other people.
President Paul Kagame was my man. his speech was real life changing for me. I am still putting the pieces together to make my own version of it such that it becomes more applicable in my life and practice.

kampala small group

kampala small group
At Allan's and Josephats home